Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Prepare for the ICE AGE

This is our private stockpile for the Ice Age.  Subarctic temperatures will force us underground for a billion, billion years. - Dodo (Ice Age)
Is another Ice Age coming?  I doubt it.  But what about the Ice Age of the distant past?  Young Earth Science (YES) holds that this planet is thousands of years old (not billions).  Many geo theorists claim that the multiple layers in ice cores in Greenland pose a problem for the YES idea of one Ice Age.  However, the layers are not always annual – many layers can occur in one year.  J. Southon writing in Quaternary Research freely admits, “… the GISP2 (Greenland Ice Sheet Project) ice contains many subannual structures which mimic annual bands …”  R. B. Alley et al. stated in the Journal of Geophysical Research, “… it is almost certain that variability exists at the subseasonal or storm level, at the annual level… We certainly must entertain the possibility of misidentifying the deposit of a large storm or a snow dune as an entire year…”  We propose that there were tremendous storms in the past partly due to extreme global volcanism (including the oceans) at the time of the global cataclysm that world legends testify too.

Mainstream science cannot explain the Ice Age and over 60 theories have been proposed.  J. K. Charlesworth explains that there are “… an absolute riot of theories ranging from the remotely possible to the mutually contradictory and the palpably inadequate.” [1]  After the worldwide catastrophe of a few thousand years ago volcanic ash cooled the earth; tremendous eruptions in the seas heated up the oceans. This combination of higher precipitation, caused by the hot seas, and cooler summers produced the Ice Age. This is the only model that successfully predicts huge ice sheets.
Big Science should take a hint from former aeronautical engineer and award winning SciFi author, James Hogan who said, “A comparatively young word [thousands not millions] – in the sense of the surface we observe today – is compatible with unguided Catastrophist theories…” [2] Hogan states that conventional dating, “was more a product of materialism’s fight with religion than an empirical construct … [it was] manufactured to provide the long time scales that Lyell and Darwin needed.” [3] Hogan maintains that, “Mountain uplifts and other formations show indications of being younger than conventional geology maintains.” [4] One example that Hogan presents that challenges standard dating uses thermoluminescence of lunar material which was dated at less than 10,000 years. [5] If the Moon is thousands of years old, then maybe the Earth is too!
The Ice Age is apparently referenced in the Walam Olum (Red Recordthe tribal chronicle of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians. [6] 

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