Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mercury is Young

NASA has found that Mercury is tectonically active, something previously thought to be exclusive to Earth.  In the past, it was thought that non-terran planets were too old to be tectonically active.

Tom Watters (senior scientist at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum) makes this amazing conclusion that Mercury is shrinking:

The young age of the small scarps means that Mercury joins Earth as a tectonically active planet, with new faults likely forming today as Mercury’s interior continues to cool and the planet contracts.

The scarps (some up to a mile high!) are young since they've survived  bombardment by meteoroids and comets. They are very similar to the lunar scarps found on the Moon.  This indicates that the moon shrank in the past, and might even still be shrinking.

NASA Planetary Science Director Jim Green explains:  

For years, scientists believed that Mercury’s tectonic activity was in the distant past.  It’s exciting to consider that this small planet – not much larger than Earth’s moon – is active even today.
In addition, Mercury has a global magnetic field.  This was supposedly created by a dynamo in the fluid metallic outer core of the planet.   However, this view poses problems for Old Earth Followers (OEF's) as admitted in a paper in Science:

The simplest interpretation of the results presented here is that a core dynamo was present early in Mercury’s history. ...  An early core dynamo can be driven by superadiabatic cooling of the liquid core, but in typical thermal history models this phase has ended by 3.9 Ga.  A later dynamo can be driven by the combined effects of cooling and compositional convection associated with formation of a solid inner core, but in most thermal history models inner core formation does not start until well after 3.7 Ga. [Ga = Billion]
In fact, Stamatios Krigmigis (Emeritus Head of Space Dept. - Johns Hopkins) stated that the discovery of Mercury's magnetic field was "totally unexpected" (see the video above).

Could Mercury be young?  What about our home planet?  We've written a book documenting a youthful earth using evidence from history and science, YES - Young Earth Science.
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mike Pence and Young Earth Science (YES)

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Be sure to catch our latest video.  We tackle a potpourri of topics:  Thunder & C-14, Tree Rings & Ammonites,  Norman Macbeth (Darwin Retried), OMNI magazine & censorship ... #Rubio #NormanMacbeth #Darwin #AltMed #TreeRings

What does Mike Pence think about Young Earth Science (YES)?  In this video Pence gives his views on evolution.  He also says he agrees with the signers of the Declaration of Independence on origins.  What might that imply?

Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence:
We can also see from Franklin's "Poor Richard" almanac that he supported YES - the view that history and science favors a youthful world:
Mollie Reilly (Deputy Politics Editor - Huffington Post) has also written on Pence and evolution.  She points out that the scientific community widely accepts Darwin's history of life as factual.  But this completely overlooks the impact of worldview and bias in science. [1]  It would have been helpful if she had provided a reference and more detail on this point.

Many take evolution as implying atheism.  What are the chances that Mollie Reilly is one?  One in five - roughly 20% of journalists are atheists according to a survey by the American Society of Newspaper Editors. [2]  If 82% of journalists denied the existence of a Prime Mover, does that make it true?  The same goes for scientists - they're human too.  Only 3% of the general population are atheist.

Friedrich Nietzsche (d. 1900) known for his "God is dead" philosophy actually opposed mainstream evolution and has a section in Will to Power opposing Darwin:

Against Darwinism. - The utility of an organ does not explain its origin; on the contrary!  For most of the time during which a property is forming it does not preserve the individual and is of no use to him, least of all in the struggle with external circumstances and enemies. [3]

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1)  YES - Young Earth Science by Jay Hall (IDEAS, Big Spring, TX, 2014), pp. 4-7.
2)  Keep it Pithy by Bill O'Reilly (Random House, NYC, 2013), p. 8.
3)  Will to Power by Friedrich Nietzsche, trans. by W. Kaufmann (Vintage Giant, date ?), book 3, section 647, p. 343.

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