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Speaking of YES (Intro, 1) - podcast

Be sure to catch our latest video.  We tackle a potpourri of topics:  Thunder & C-14, Tree Rings & Ammonites,  Norman Macbeth (Darwin Retried), OMNI magazine & censorship ... #Rubio #NormanMacbeth #Darwin #AltMed #TreeRings

Were you aware that Charles Dawson was proven to be the man behind the Piltdown hoax?  How old is the earth and why does it matter? If only we could go back in time to answer this question. 

If we could see the past we could find out how old our planet is.  What lines of evidence support a youthful planet?  Most historical records, based on king lists, only go back to around 2500 BC.  Find out more in our latest podcast.  It is now available in iTunes. ☺
Here we have a clutch of Alberts.  What do Albert Einstein and the geologist Albert Engel have to do with a youthful planet?  

Even Ben Carson answers "YES" to the query "Is a Young Earth Possible" (IYEP)?

Be sure to get your copy of YES - Young Earth Science today!  Also, get one for a friend - they make great Christmas Gifts.
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Saturday, November 12, 2016

What is the Age of Your Sample?

Suppose you found a piece of charred wood that was buried 100 feet deep.  Now you want to date it at a radiocarbon lab.  Could your sample be a thousand years old?  Maybe ten times that!

The most advanced method to obtain radiocarbon dates is AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry).  If this really gives an absolute age why do I need to answer the question "what is the age of your sample?" on the submission form?   

The Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit (UK) have this in the instructions for their sample submission form: "Period (required) - indication of likely age of the sample: e.g. Bronze Age, Paleolithic, Holocene etc."  If 14C dating gives the exact time when the specimen died, why ask?

Check out this form from the University of Waikato (New Zealand)*:

Likewise, note a similar pattern from the Keck AMS Lab (UC Irvine):

Stuart Pocock (Clinical Trials) said that, "randomized controlled trials are an  essential tool for testing the efficacy of therapeutic innovations." [1]  Why don't we apply the same standard to radiometric dating?

Philosophy professor Alex Bird (Univ. of Bristol) explains the "double blind" procedure**:
... neither the patient not the clinician knows whether the patient is receiving the treatment.  This is often done in conjunction with the use of a placebo, which is a harmless substitute equivalent in appearance to the treatment. [2]
What if we dated samples (even dino fossils) using the double-blind method?  Mark Armitage has made a riotous LOL video on this topic (worthy of SNL).  Armitage sent shockwaves through establishment academia when he found soft tissue in dino remains and later lost his job‼  In February 2013, he published his astonishing research in Acta Histochemica, a mainstream journal on cells and tissue.  Two weeks later, he was fired from California State University - Northridge where he managed the biology department’s electron microscopy.  He was apparently let go because of his young earth views.

*forms modified slightly, see link for the exact format, no wording was changed (e.g. "what is the age of your sample?")
** special thx to Tom Shipley for the "double blind" aspect

1) quoted in Philosophy of Science by Alexander Bird (McGill-Queen's Univ. Press, London, 1998), p. 256.
2) Bird, p. 257, emphasis added.
FYI: I heard Ray Charles live at the 1989 Olympic Festival which was held in Oklahoma City & surrounding areas.  Ray Charles (d. 2004) was an avid chess player.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All the News is Fake (film @ 11)

Earlier this month Hillary Clinton had a town hall in Pennsylvania and was asked a question by 15 year old Brennan Leach, who is actually an actress and has appeared in political TV ads!  This was an obvious setup as she read from a script and had a red ribbon in her hair so that she could be easily selected.  Brennan's father is Pennsylvania Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach.  She was clearly a plant in the audience and this was not a spontaneous event.  The major media completely missed this - no wonder they are not trusted.

In a recent study by the American Press Institute, only 6% have “a great deal of confidence” in the press.  About 52% said they have “some confidence” in the press and 41% said they have “hardly any confidence.”  Truly, we have found the 6% solution - go to the web and do your own research.

Could it be that many are iffy about Young Earth Science (YES) due to the overly biased media?  If you google "young earth science" you get about 27K hits.  Many of the items on the first page look at YES in a positive light.  DuckDuckGo also provides some helpful results.  If you search on Yahoo! you can reach a number of pro-YES sites.       

Let's look at some examples of the slanted press.  The Boston Globe labels YES viewpoint as "indefensible and even embarrassing."  They further quote Bill Nye's claim that human-dino coexistence is "completely unreasonable."  Yet 41% of Americans believe humans and dinosaurs shared the planet. 

Another story in the Boston Globe quotes Christiana Peppard (Fordham University) who denies that we live on a youthful planet.  Globe journalist  Brandon Ambrosino had this to say about the young earth view:

Most scientists would disagree, since those who believe the earth is billions of years old don’t come to that conclusion by guesswork, but rather by, among other methods, radioactive dating ...
But this statement is not documented.  We are actually crowd funding an effort for an age-of-the-earth poll.  Many scientists that are pro-YES are pressured to keep their opinions under their hat (Expelled anyone?).  Brandon should read our book YES - Young Earth Science where we refute radiometric dating and other old earth arguments.  Neil Young spoke at the  Natural History Museum of Los Angeles earlier this year (we visited last year).  Maybe Neil Young (Earth ♫) should read our book too.     

Michael Patrick Leahy, writing in the LA Times, dissed Sam Harris' (Waking Up) view that half of Americans accept that the earth is only thousands of years old.  Leahy seems to be unaware that a full 36% doubt that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old.  Michael - please read my book.

On the positive tip, the NY Times was kind enough to publish a letter from a medical doctor who bashed the NYT staff ethicist for calling a young earth Ph.D. candidate's views "nonsense" and "nuttiness." 

Walter Cronkite (CBS) used to say "and that's the way it is" at the end of his news broadcast.  In early TV, breaking news was announced at 5pm and then later at 11pm a video report was presented.  Hence the phrase "film at 11."

Nietzsche said "worship the earth" - what do you think?  Let us know >>

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mercury is Young

NASA has found that Mercury is tectonically active, something previously thought to be exclusive to Earth.  In the past, it was thought that non-terran planets were too old to be tectonically active.

Tom Watters (senior scientist at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum) makes this amazing conclusion that Mercury is shrinking:

The young age of the small scarps means that Mercury joins Earth as a tectonically active planet, with new faults likely forming today as Mercury’s interior continues to cool and the planet contracts.

The scarps (some up to a mile high!) are young since they've survived  bombardment by meteoroids and comets. They are very similar to the lunar scarps found on the Moon.  This indicates that the moon shrank in the past, and might even still be shrinking.

NASA Planetary Science Director Jim Green explains:  

For years, scientists believed that Mercury’s tectonic activity was in the distant past.  It’s exciting to consider that this small planet – not much larger than Earth’s moon – is active even today.
In addition, Mercury has a global magnetic field.  This was supposedly created by a dynamo in the fluid metallic outer core of the planet.   However, this view poses problems for Old Earth Followers (OEF's) as admitted in a paper in Science:

The simplest interpretation of the results presented here is that a core dynamo was present early in Mercury’s history. ...  An early core dynamo can be driven by superadiabatic cooling of the liquid core, but in typical thermal history models this phase has ended by 3.9 Ga.  A later dynamo can be driven by the combined effects of cooling and compositional convection associated with formation of a solid inner core, but in most thermal history models inner core formation does not start until well after 3.7 Ga. [Ga = Billion]
In fact, Stamatios Krigmigis (Emeritus Head of Space Dept. - Johns Hopkins) stated that the discovery of Mercury's magnetic field was "totally unexpected" (see the video above).

Could Mercury be young?  What about our home planet?  We've written a book documenting a youthful earth using evidence from history and science, YES - Young Earth Science.
What do you think?  Let us know:

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mike Pence and Young Earth Science (YES)

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Be sure to catch our latest video.  We tackle a potpourri of topics:  Thunder & C-14, Tree Rings & Ammonites,  Norman Macbeth (Darwin Retried), OMNI magazine & censorship ... #Rubio #NormanMacbeth #Darwin #AltMed #TreeRings

What does Mike Pence think about Young Earth Science (YES)?  In this video Pence gives his views on evolution.  He also says he agrees with the signers of the Declaration of Independence on origins.  What might that imply?

Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence:
We can also see from Franklin's "Poor Richard" almanac that he supported YES - the view that history and science favors a youthful world:
Mollie Reilly (Deputy Politics Editor - Huffington Post) has also written on Pence and evolution.  She points out that the scientific community widely accepts Darwin's history of life as factual.  But this completely overlooks the impact of worldview and bias in science. [1]  It would have been helpful if she had provided a reference and more detail on this point.

Many take evolution as implying atheism.  What are the chances that Mollie Reilly is one?  One in five - roughly 20% of journalists are atheists according to a survey by the American Society of Newspaper Editors. [2]  If 82% of journalists denied the existence of a Prime Mover, does that make it true?  The same goes for scientists - they're human too.  Only 3% of the general population are atheist.

Friedrich Nietzsche (d. 1900) known for his "God is dead" philosophy actually opposed mainstream evolution and has a section in Will to Power opposing Darwin:

Against Darwinism. - The utility of an organ does not explain its origin; on the contrary!  For most of the time during which a property is forming it does not preserve the individual and is of no use to him, least of all in the struggle with external circumstances and enemies. [3]

What do the following think about Young Earth Science (YES)?
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#GaryJohnson   #JillStein

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1)  YES - Young Earth Science by Jay Hall (IDEAS, Big Spring, TX, 2014), pp. 4-7.
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3)  Will to Power by Friedrich Nietzsche, trans. by W. Kaufmann (Vintage Giant, date ?), book 3, section 647, p. 343.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

You Can Learn a Lot from WikiLeaks

Julian Assange is an Australian computer programmer and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks.  He was recently in the news regarding his comments on the murder of Seth Rich.

WikiLeaks revealed an interesting document from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) - your tax dollars at work.  Despite the $M's of tax funds spent on CRS each year, its documents are not made public.  One interesting document is labeled The Endangered Species Act and ”Sound Science” and came out in 2008.  Let's take a look at it.  According to Buck et al,

Scientific history is all but littered with famous approaches that were once widely held and later rejected (even though considered “good science” in their heyday): geological catastrophism, Lamarkian evolution, the four “humors” of medicine ... [1]

This is patently false.  Eugene Buck, Lynne Corn, Pamela Baldwin and Kristina Alexander should all take a listen to my podcast on the Renaissance of Catastrophism.  

Buck and company go on to make an excellent point:

At first glance, it might appear that science could be completely objective and neutral.  Yet scientists often have personal values that influence (consciously or unconsciously) the questions they ask, the models or experiments used, the assumptions made, and the interpretation of the results of an experiment.  Also, scientists working for various agencies, companies, tribes, and other interest groups may be influenced by policy positions of their employer. [2]

What sort of data is often hidden or ignored that supports Young Earth Science (YES) because of bias in the research establishment?  Scott Frickel and Kelly Moore even wrote a book on The New Political Sociology of Science (Univ. of Wisconsin Press).

Who determines what is “sound science” or “shoddy science”?  Can the average citizen discern what is "reasonable" or spot the “best available science”?  Do the politicians and majority vote determine truth?

We now look at a specific line of empirical knowledge that supports YES.  Writing in Science, Ann Gibbons reveals a surprising result:

Regardless of the cause, evolutionists are most concerned about the effect of a faster mutation rate.  For example, researchers have calculated that …the woman whose mtDNA was ancestral to that in all living people - lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago in Africa.  Using the new clock, she would be a mere 6000 years old. [3]

Genetic clocks are based on a number of assumptions.  How long is a generation?  For some studies a generation time of 20 years is used, but in a number of countries it has been common in the past for women to get married around 15 years old.  A faster molecular clock results.

According to a UN source, "... many societies, primarily in Africa and South Asia, continue to support the idea that girls should marry at or soon after puberty."  Consider these marriage statistics: 
Now for the other side of genetic clocks - how fast are mutations happening?   Parsons et al published a paper in Nature Genetics on  mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutation rates.  They looked at 134  independent mtDNA lineages spanning 327 generational events.  Ten substitutions were observed.  This is about 20x higher than estimates from prior studies.  A higher mutation rate results in a faster clock and supports YES.  Hello CRS, are you listening? 

Bias in Big Science is real.  Consider the final passage in our book YES - Young Earth Science which defends a youthful planet from history and science.  Emil Røyrvik of SINTEF boldly observes that,

In open societies where both scientists and the general public are equipped with critical skills and the tools of inquiry, not least enabled by the information revolution provided through the Internet, the ethos of science as open, questioning, critical and anti-dogmatic should and can be defended also by the public at large.  Efforts to make people bow uncritically to the authority of a dogmatic representation of Science, seems largely to produce ridicule, opposition and inaction, and ultimately undermines the legitimacy and role of both science and politics in open democracies. [4]

1) The Endangered Species Act and ”Sound Science”  by Buck et al,
p. 10, note 34, emphasis added.
2) Buck et al, p. 12.
3) quoted in YES - Young Earth Science by Jay Hall (IDEAS, Big Spring, TX, 2014), p. 24, emphasis added. 
4) quoted in Hall, p. 192.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is It Time For A Young Earth?

What is your opinion about the age of the earth?  What does Hillary think about it?  What is the Donald's view on this issue?  A relatively short history for this planet is now a live possibility.  Now is the time for all good scientists to come to the aid of Young Earth Science (YES).  Formerly, Young Earth Theory was discounted, but consider these words from R. F. Diffendal, from his article “Earth in Four Dimensions: Development of the Ideas of Geologic Time and History”:

To some extent the arguments about a short Earth history of a few thousand years versus a long history of billions of years are still going on today.  Most natural scientists support the long history.  However, some people including Richard Milton [Mensan, agnostic, science journalist] … support the idea of a short one. [1]

Be rational, this planet is younger than you think.  Some of the best evidences for devotees of a young earth include:
  • No fossil trees with thousands of rings
  • Contradictory radiometric dates
  • Solar effects on decay rates
  • History only goes back thousands of years
  • The human genome is going downhill
  • Lack of trillions of Neanderthal graves [2]

The oldest tree in the fossil record only has 816 rings (that's not recent).  Other arguments include catastrophism and soft tissue and DNA in fossils supposedly millions of years old.  We can’t re-create the Grand Canyon in a laboratory – the scientific evidence supports a rapid formation.  Mount St. Helens deposited thick layers and formed a mini Grand Canyon, so it does not take long ages for deep canyons to come about.

A Faint Young Sun is a problem for old earth advocates.  Many can talk origins, but they are depending on Old Earth Fallacies (OEF’s).  Research the facts for yourself!  Despite attempted rebuttals, the overwhelming scientific evidence tells us that my favorite planet is quite young.

Monitor the news and see how the perspective of most journalists is biased against young-earthers.  The public schools have a virtual monopoly and push the idea that the real history of the earth spans billions of years.  The educational establishment may club students over the head with old earth propaganda, but young earth sentiment remains strong as a recent AP-GfK poll demonstrates.

The young earth clock is gaining in popularity.  Young Earth Science (YES) is the future.  Google young earth and be amazed at the millions of hits.  Earth-Age is a topic that young earth skeptics need to rethink.  What would it take to disprove an old earth?

A few die-hard fans of the academic elite have turned scientists into gods and trust their every exposition.  For hundreds of years since the scientific revolution, most thinking people held that to a young earth.  It’s time to choose – will you investigate the facts that favor a fresh planet?

Young earth views are widespread.  A 2007 poll of 1600 Russians found that 30% agree with the statement, “[The] first human beings were living in the same era as dinosaurs.”  A 2005 survey of residents of the European Union had 29% agreeing with man-dino coexistence!  Are there dinosaurs in the modern world?

A powerful young earth book that can bring positive change is YES – Young Earth Science.  Just google yes jay hall or search yes jay hall on Amazon to learn more about this fascinating topic.  There is even a YouTube channel.  Join the discussion, build the dialog and follow young earth today.     

The omnicultural approach to this controversy teaches us that a global catastrophe occurred just thousands of years ago based on traditions from around the globe.  If catastrophism is the leading paradigm in earth history, then a young earth makes sense.  Stokes and Judson state in their Geology text Introduction to Geology (Prentice-Hall) that,

A catastrophist might contend that the twisting and breaking of strata, the transportation of huge blocks of rock, the violent cutting of canyons, and the wholesale destruction of life is within the power of a great universal flood - and he would be right. [3]    

Yes Virginia (& MD & DC), there is evidence for a young earth.  In recent times the progressive attitude has been open to a global cataclysm.  Consider Roland Emmerich’s disaster film 2012 which was based on Charles Hapgood’s pole shift theory which Einstein praised.

The Huffington Post had the following headline: Climate Change Worse Than We Thought, Likely To Be “Catastrophic Rather Than Simply Dangerous.”  The Huffington Post admits to catastrophic events in the future but ignores the great global disaster that changed the world just a few millennia ago.

Support liberty – press for school choice!  Allow our children to be exposed to Young Earth Studies.  Join the Young Earth Network that sees the robust worldview of a young world endorsed by Philosophy, History, Biology and Geology.  The International Year of Planet Earth should include speakers who accept a young earth.  Teach science – share the controversy!  Join the debate – our world is thousands and not billions of years old.    

To uncritically accept OEF’s is a literal mistake.  The conflict between young earth theory and old-earthism clearly has implications for evolution and Darwinism.  Please share your thoughts >>

1) quoted in YES - Young Earth Science by Jay Hall (Ideas, Big Spring, TX, 2014), p. 190.
2)  see note 1) above.

3)  quoted in Hall, p. 97.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Please Don't Dis My Tribe (ice-j)

Look inside of my soul and you can find the old memories of life
Look inside of your soul and you can find truth is for real
I can see the changes
I can feel a bold life
I always knew life could be strangerous
I can say that I like a challenge and it won't be painless
Do you know what truth is?
How can I tell this story?
When the bias blind is hanging with ya
Fell on my face and I just saw stars
Another Zeitgeist living way in my heart
Thought the earth was old, saw it in a flick
Native Americans shared the news for years
Just don't resent what I'm making of this
Old Gov Wilkinson heard the facts
Yellowstone is live and really rocks!
Big Geo says 70K, but that's a crock

Trending young earth changes
YES, Young Earth Science is just gonna be famous
Our lovely planet did not go through a billion stages
For me that's amazing
That's no blank check, with all due respect take time and hear this

I am a winner
YES, Young Earth Science wins again
Please forgive me
Just learn with me
Stuff I don't understand
Knowledge don't stand alone
Please don't dis my tribe (2x)
I can feel the energy of our planet that sways
I got my drink I got my music I will share it but today I'm yelling
Please don't dis my tribe (4x)

The Great Spirit sent a prophet to the good world he made
Man's evil and corruption was way whack and did not fade
Then the darkness came fast, yeah
The deluge hit the world, total flood on the earth on multiple axles
Oka Falamah and the people doomed
I know what you're scared of, returning waters - no escape
This fact is vital, so watch it now
This truth's revival, tell it like it was

A raft of sassafras logs kept the true prophet afloat
It's way more believable - be very sure to take note
Big bird was circlin' around
He then cried out for help - no, there was none to be found
a little blue bird showed the way to dry land
strong winds led the way - let all understand
the beautiful bird - named Puchi Yushuba

Now there came the changes
I can feel the new world's joy - now Puchi is famous
As the mother of all who've gone through many stages
To me that's amazing
That's no blank check, with all due respect take time and hear this ♫

This is based on the ancient Choctaw legend of the Great Flood.  Our book, YES- Young Earth Science, contains numerous examples of where Native American tradition, indigenous accounts and mythical records contradict mainstream geology.

Native Americans told James Wilkinson governor of Louisiana Territory in the early 1800's that a volcano was in the Yellowstone area.  The last lava flow was supposedly around 70,000 BC by generally accepted dating. [1]
The book Myth and Geology was published by the Geological Society of London which is the oldest geological society in the world.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and cosmic impacts are described in myths from around the world.  That is, they refer to real events.  The epic of Gilgamesh is just one account of the Great Flood - there are hundreds of such historical recollections from around the world.

ice-j is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

1) YES - Young Earth Science by Jay Hall (IDEAS, Big Spring, TX, 2014), p. 30.

adapted from "Tatonka Thunder" - StephenMcCullough
adapted from "Heelema" - J. Dylan Cavin

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Be sure to catch our latest video.  We tackle a potpourri of topics:  Thunder & C-14, Tree Rings & Ammonites,  Norman Macbeth (Darwin Retried), OMNI magazine & censorship ... #Rubio #NormanMacbeth #Darwin #AltMed #TreeRings
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Saturday, May 21, 2016


When was the last time you heard YOLO (You Only Live Once)?  Or maybe BOGO  (Buy One, Get One)?  Here are a few more interesting expressions:

ARML = Age Related Memory Loss
ICYMI = In Case You Missed It
INO = I know
FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out
ZNO = Zeno (~d. 430 BC, philosopher)
FROYO = Frozen Yogurt
ROLO = candy
FIDO = Forget It, Drive On! (made famous by Zig Ziglar)
Stephen Jay Gould proposed the concept of Non-Overlapping MAgisteria (NOMA).  I have an alternative, MOMO (Multiple Overlapping Magisterial Overseers).  Consider the key leaders of Biology, Archaeology, History and so on.  They overwhelming favor Old Earth Fallacies (OEF).  In 1926, a committee of the National Research Council put their stamp of approval on radiometric dating.  Arthur Holmes, leader in the push for radiometric dating, wrote most of the report. [1]
Have you heard of MOYO (Millions Of Years Old) or BOYO (Billions Of Years Old)?  Our book YES- Young Earth Science counters the  MOYO/BOYO coalition.  If you've read the book, your feedback (Pro or Con) is most welcome:

If you are interested in opening a FroyoWorld franchise, it may cost you as much as $305K to $470K.  The very next time you're on I-20 be sure to visit Froyo's and More in Big Spring, TX (just East of Midland/Odessa).  It's grrreat‼


1) YES - Young Earth Science by Jay Hall (IDEAS, Big Spring, TX, 2014), p. 50.