Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Real Truth about the Age-of-the-Earth Controversy (sin fake news)

What is Young Earth Science (YES)?  How old is the world?  Are radiometric dating methods reliable?  Is Darwinism substantiated by scientific evidence and valid arguments?  How does the Renaissance of Catastrophism (the view that most rocks were formed rapidly) relate to the age of the Earth?  Has plate tectonics (Continental Drift) occurred more rapidly in the past?  These and other queries are answered in this exciting new fully documented work, YES - Young Earth Science.  This widely illustrated book features support from history, philosophy, geology, biology and physics.  Discover this creative and multidisciplinary approach which provides affirmation that this planet is thousands of years old and not billions.  Omniculturalism (looking for the good, true and beautiful from all cultures in all times) favors Catastrophism which supports the young earth stance.  This valuable anti-bullying tool provides the scientific grounds for YES.  Many who harshly ridicule young earth theory need to read this book and learn the genuine empirical warrant for YES.  YES - Young Earth Science contains over 450 footnotes and more than 130 charts, graphs and illustrations.  Although some parts are more technical, this book is for all readers with a general science background.

My book relates to a number of key issues in the public square such as climate change, homeschooling, government funding of science, bullying, depression, mental health, fake news, truth journalism, ethics, net censorship, school choice, suicide prevention and free speech.

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