Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Chimp Has a Stone Toolbox

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Hotep = B @

Earlier this month the New York Supreme Court rejected a claim by an advocacy group that two chimps held in captivity should be treated like legal persons.  The Nonhuman Rights Project sought to free the chimps from their human owners (chimps are people too).

Does your chimp own a stone toolbox with power drills and vise-grips?  Does your pet chimp use stone tools to butcher deer (or dinos)?  When did man first use stone tools?  Go ahead and guess ... ... ...

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Here we see butcher marks on a 3.4M year old bone found in Dikika, Ethiopia.  Until recently, the earliest known stone tools were 2.6M years old.  That's a difference of 800K years!  We would place doubt on the dating methods and state that the butcher marks points to human action.
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