Friday, May 8, 2015

YES - the Young Earth Science podcast 2077

How old is the earth?  Does it matter? Find out more by listening to our first podcast by clicking here.  Philosophy, Biology, Geology and History support a young planet.  Earth Day?  Young Earth Day!
Think about the bold explication from Walter Bedeker in the Twilight Zone episode "Escape Clause (@ the 4:43 mark), "The world goes on for millions of years and how long is a man's life?  ... a drop, a microscopic fragment."  How does your WorldView handle the Earth-Age question?

Check out our new young earth page on our website.  Are there any scholars that give the young earth view a fair shake?  What was the dominant position of most educated people for hundreds of years?  To learn the astounding answers, just go to and visit the page labeled Young Earth.  The shortcut to the site is  "for total truth - support earth's youth."

To hear our 2nd podcast on History and Young Earth Science (YES) click here.
YES - Young Earth Science is a bold and fresh approach to the age of the earth question.  Teach the controversy!