Tuesday, August 13, 2019

To a Young Earth ... and Beyond‼

My new book is out!

You can use the "Look Inside" feature for the Kindle version:

 Chapters >>>
1) Deep Time Versus History          
2) Ike Likes Maps                           
3) Evidence for a Youthful World     
4) Planet Have Your Say              
5) The Magnificent Seven               
6) Darwin Lied - Science Died               
7) Is Evolution Wrong?                    
8) Evolution is Depressing            
9) It's Kind of Essential                   
10)  Renaissance of Catastrophism     
11) The Day the Earth Trembled      
12) Dragons are Dinos                           
13) Straight out of the Solar System  
14) What Difference Does it Make?

Is a Young Earth Possible? argues for a youthful world from history and science.  Has Big Science misdated the earth? Is a Young Earth Possible? relates to a number of key issues in the public square such as climate change, homeschooling, government funding of science, bullying, depression, fake news, net censorship and free speech.