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Young Earth Today 2029 - Young Earth MEMEs


Welcome to Young Earth Today 2029 - Truth MEMES for a Young Earth (Rapid Fire edition)!   #Happy2024 !!

This year during the total solar eclipse a great place to see it is the SE corner of Oklahoma (8-8-24).  Hugo, Oklahoma and Paris, Texas are two nearby towns.

Interestingly enough, there's a young earth connection!


As the story goes, nuclear fusion powers the sun which sends tons of neutrinos our way.  The number of neutrinos from the sun is as low as one third the expected amount in some observations.


Could this fact indicate that the #Sun is much younger than Big Science claims?

Our book Is a Young Earth Possible? has a whole chapter arguing for a Young Solar System.


Now to MEMEs & Dawkins, how selfish is he?

I am so shellfish, I could eat crabs every day!

Dawkins invented the term "meme," here is his description:


Examples of memes are tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes, fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches.  Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation. [1] 


I hope the #YoungEarth meme goes viral ‼

Science changes and scientists make mistakes.  Madame Wu (d. 1997), was a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and should have received a Nobel prize. Since 1925, it was widely held that parity is conserved in all types of interactions.  Dr. Wu showed that a spinning cobalt-60 nucleus has a beta emission distribution that is not the same as that of its mirror image. Thus parity is not conserved.

The Reversal of the Parity Law in Physics:

Madame Wu & Parity Violation:


So, maybe radio-decay rates have changed in the past.  Claus Rolfs, a physicist at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany claims that by putting certain radioisotopes in metal casing and chilling them to near 0° K you can slash their half-lives from thousands to just a few years.


The half-life for the 87Rb to 87Sr decay process is generally regarded at around 49B years.  However, some measurements have put that figure as high as 62B years! [2]  Now the 15th most common element in the Earth is Strontium and the 23rd is Rubidium. [3]  If it takes so many #Billions of years to turn Rubidium into Strontium, how do those relative abundances make any sense?  Recall, that #BigBang folk think it all started with H, He & Li.  You might as well claim that you can turn straw into gold (Rumpelstiltskin)!                 


In his conclusion to his book Earth's Deep History, Philosopher and Historian of Science Martin John Spencer Rudwick states,


Many of the interpretations summarized towards the end of the narrative [that is, this book] refer very much to "work in progress": how, when, and whether the relevant scientists will reach a consensus on these matters, and what it will be, remain to be seen.  There is no reason to treat the present state of knowledge about the Earth's history as the definitive Truth for all time, any more than any previous generation of scientists would have been justified in thinking in the same way about their own ideas.  The phrase "But we now know that ...," which is often used by scientists to dismiss or ridicule the conclusions of their predecessors, is always liable to return uninvited and embarrass them, a year or a decade or century later. [4]


Rudwick is a professing Christian [5], so you'd think he'd be Young Earth since Jesus said, "At the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female'" (Mk. 10:6, cf. Mk. 13:19,20; Lk. 11:50,51).


And now for a word from our sponsor ☺☺ ...

Remember the Babylon Bee? ... well, I'm the brain behind #WestminsterWasp

Just search #WestminsterWasp on LinkedIn >>

MEME that Elon Musk!


You find Young Earthers in the most amazing places!

In October of last year there was an origins conference in Phoenix.  NASA Astronaut, Col. Jeffrey Williams spoke along with Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee! ☺☺ Matt Miles of Creation Truth Foundation was also part of the event ... they ran the VBS at our church a couple years ago.  Hi Matt!


Kyle Mann (Babylon Bee) @ the Creation Museum (KY):


Creation Truth Foundation:


Former atheist turns into a Young Earth advocate! 

Dr. Jim Mason has a B.S. in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University, Ontario and a Ph.D. in experimental Nuclear Physics from McMaster University, Ontario.  He worked in the Defense field for many decades and is pro-YoungEarth:


Even Marvin Olasky of World Magazine was willing to put the following book among the "short list" for the 2019 Books of the Year: Rethinking Radiometric Dating by physicist Vernon Cupps which favors a youthful world:

Olasky joined the Communist Party in 1972 and was a reporter at the Boston Globe for some time.  In 1976, he converted to Christ.

More on Olasky:


Before he was House Speaker, Mike Johnson represented the Ark Encounter (KY) in court:,203403


If you search the following on AllTheInternet, you get some keen results:

   "young earth" 2024

The 2nd item is The Young Earth by John D. Morris (d. 1-29-23) who taught in the Geological Engineering Dept. @ OU  #BoomerSooner ‼

I would humbly suggest the my two books supporting a youthful world are among the best pro-YoungEarth resources making the argument from History & Science:

Is a Young Earth Possible?  ★★★★½

YES - Young Earth Science  ★★★★


Don McLeroy is a dentist who received his DDS from UT-Houston and earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M.  Dr. McLeroy takes the Young Earth view and was at one time the chairman of the Texas State Board of Education.


Well, what about the young people?  Surely they've forgotten about Creation In Six Days #CISD a Global Flood and a youthful planet.  Au contraire mon ami.  In a 2015 survey in the US, a majority of those in their 20's hold that the Ark was really built and not just a legend! [6]  You may have joined Ozzy and visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky ... it's on my bucket-list.  Depending on how you judge the ancient cubit, the Ark was 450' x 75' x 45' ... really BIG.  

Some might think that Young Earth Science is not a thing since it is seldom discussed in "legit" academic literature.  However, if you search "young earth science" on Yandex you get 11 hits on the first page:


Search "young earth science" on Rumble:


Search "young earth science" on SwissCows for images:



Magnetic rocks on the Moon are hard to explain by Old Earth approaches.


The well-known "dolomite problem" is that dolomite is fairly common in the rock record, yet you need to be above the boiling point of water to reach precipitation of calcium magnesium carbonate, CaMg(CO3)2.

During the Global Catastrophe that Cuvier and Worldwide Flood Legends point to we would expect massive volcanism and Rapid Plate Movements (RPM's)  resulting in a hot sea.  Catastrophism naturally leads to Young Earth Science (YES).


Genetic Entropy shows that humans could not have been around for many 10's of thousands of years.


If current rates persist for various elements flowing into the sea via rivers, we can estimate the age of the world's oceans:


Influx into the sea   Age of Ocean

Lead                              2K

Aluminum                     100

Titanium                        160


Influx of Pb, Al and 22Ti to the ocean via rivers:


The point is is that rates vary, even radioactive decay rates.  I make a point in Is a Young Earth Possible? that Mn nodules on the sea floor refute Old-Earth Fallacies (OEF's). [7]


If we look at Nickel flow into the oceans, that gives an age of around 8K years for the seas at current rates.[8]  Too much Nickel is toxic to marine life.  Some Ni is found in Mn nodules.


So, the next time you see a headline on the cover of National Enquirer like  "Scientists Say Earth is Young" ... read it and Do Your Own Research! #DYOR




And remember, the Gospel is HAnDy!


my site:





1) The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (Oxford Univ. Press, 2nd ed., 1989), p. 192.

2) "Determination of the Radioisotope Decay Constants and Half-Lives:  Rubidium-87" by Andrew Snelling, Answers Research Journal 7 (2014): 311–322.

3) The Most Abundant Elements In The Earth's Crust (World Atlas):

4) Earth's Deep History by Martin Rudwick (Univ. of Chicago Press, 2014), p. 301.

5) Ibid., pp. 306, 310.

6) A Flood of Evidence by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge (Master Books, Green Forest, AR, 2016), p. 11.

7) Is a Young Earth Possible? (iCAT - Institute for Catastrophism & Tectonics, Big Spring, TX, 2019), pp. 66-68.

8) "Nickel concentration indicates young oceans" by David Whyte (2016),


Herman "999" Cain - RAPID FIRE!


The Gospel is HAnD2Y >>

The Age-of-the-Earth is not #LIMITLESS !


#DYOR Do Your Own Research >>





Creation #Superstore >>


Martin Rudwick's books:


#YoungEarth meme:


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123-123+7 = 2Day

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Westminster Wasp - TIME is No More (Film @ 11)


** TIME Goes Under and Prevents Global Cataclysm **

The Supercilious Coalition of International Organizations of Professional Scientists or #SCIOPS has determined that TIME magazine is the cause of climate change and must be de-published.  

Consider these TIME cover stories:

   ** ICE AGE Next Week

   ** Felix's Catnip Toy Causes Global Warming

   ** Climate Hysteria Meets Zombie Apocalypse

Destroy the messenger and the glacier crisis will dissolve! 


got #PSYOPS ?


Sacred Cows In Science confronts climate change and other hot worldview topics:

My chapter in Sacred Cows deals with global catastrophe.


Here are a few other embarrassing TIME covers from the past ...

  ** Incredibly Beautiful Lady Speaks Hakka Chinese

  ** Betty White Turns 500!


 ** Desperate Cleveland Woman Can't Afford Chairs

 ** The New Humanity - Sxe or Gne?



** After Harris Devastates Cleveland, Her Next Target is Alphabetical‼ **

Kamala Devi Harris, formerly seen with Montel Williams, applied her principled approach of "Less People = Less Pollution" and nixed 66.6% of the 2nd largest metropolis of #OHIO

Later, at a speech describing the "essence" of Baton Rouge, she stated that,


Culture is an inversion of our moment in #TIME right? AND the persistence of culture is the way we express our feeling about #TIME ... we should always find #TIME to express how wii feel about the moment that is a translation of joy, y'know [cf. Ps. 30:5].  Let's find ways to express AND feel about the AND moments in terms of #JustUS AND having language AND connections to people AND experienced life AND I think about it in that way #TWO


While Harris' #WordSalad was verbing, Cumberbatch used the #Benedictine decryption #ALGO rhythm to break the code and derived this result: "Howdy folks!"

FYI: DALLAS backwards is SALLAD, yummy huh? #GotRanch ?

** Kamala #WHO ?



** Skunk Homewreckers Invade the Northeast ‼ **

Governor Winnie Moore Healin (Green Party) issued a state of emergency regarding the skunk invasion overwhelming a well-known Northeastern state.   

"The open door policy is not working," Healin said MON.  She suggested that all patriotic citizens should secure all their doggy door and kitty entrances in the kitchen.  Other Green Party Yankee governors have followed suit ... #GotBridge ?  ♥♦♣♠

As a consequence of the #Scent_of_SKUNK Boston is now a ghost town.  The local Anti-Commie League blamed the catastrophe on the #RED_Sox

In a startling turn of events, the cohort gathered for the "Earth is OLD" Rally at Otis's House were scattered to the four winds by a surfeit of skunks.

Some have claimed that fixing the gaps in your backyard fence may help - crazy, I know!

Advisor Trey Von Greene suggested that the governor bring in the National Guard to handle the skunk infestation:

Myriads are now fleeing to Texas, Oklahoma and Florida.


Please support us on #Patreon to see our latest videos "Mortimer Adler's Apologetic" & "Van Damme vs. Van Til" & "7 Daze" (Creation Week) >>

My books challenge Darwin and Deep Time:

For those #PubEd_Victimz out there ... "What *is* Deep Time?" >>



#GotSkunks ? #LetsGO_TXOKFL ‼ #Texas #Oklahoma ♫ #Florida "a day w/o OJ is like ..." #EndOf_TIME #TimeMustStop #TIME_NoMore #GotTIME ?

#BenedictCumberbatch #GotSherlock #StephenHawking #DocWHO ?

#TrueTruthProductions #Psyops #TIME #ClimateChange #ICE_AGE #GlobalWarming #Got123°F ? #Hot_ho+_h0t ♫ #Got_Skunk't ? #Kamala #WHO

#WeNeed_MoreHealing ╬ <>< #Dallas #CANU_Digit ? #SCIOPS #WordSalad #JasonLisle #fractalz #FACT_L #Montreal   

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Biological Essentialism vs. Biological Essentialism (Devitt v. Hall)


Australian philosopher Michael Devitt (CUNY - NYC) has a new book with the same title as mine (Oxford University Press):

If you search "biological essentialism" on Amazon, you get a book about Chinese Volleyball as a top suggestion!  One book by Michael Devitt, which does relate to our topic, does appear in the search results - Biological Essentialism.  The point is that few books  supporting the traditional view of biological essentialism shows up on the list.  That is, basic types of life exhibit limited change - the true UnDarwinism.  Two books that I would have hoped for would be Real Essentialism by David Oderberg and Aristotle’s Revenge by Edward Feser. 

Bio-essentialism does not deny the variety in the created order.  Devitt quotes Oderberg: "As a general principle essentialism is wholly compatible with substantial change, a phenomenon continuously exhibited in the inorganic world. It is an elementary mistake to think that fixed essences exclude substantial change” (Biological Essentialism - Devitt, p. 87).  For example, a false killer whale (genus Pseudorca) may cross with a dolphin (genus Tursiops), both in the family Delphinidae.  Hence, the label "wholphin."


Language and Reality from a Naturalistic Perspective by Devitt is also on Amazon's list, but is much more narrow than the overarching questions ...

   How many kinds of plants are there?

   What are the distinct natural kinds of animals?

However, Language and Reality, which tackles linguistics, reference, meaning (Boswell any1?), methodology, metaphysics and counters Chomsky, does relate to the issue of human exceptionalism.  Is "human nature" a thing?  Mathematician David Berlinski (Ph.D., Princeton) says, "YES" and wrote a whole book on it:

Berlinski (Tour of the Calculus) has taught philosophy and #Maths in France & the USA.  He lives just blocks from the Notre Dame cathedral.


On the other hand, when you search "biological essentialism" (without quotes) on Barnes & Noble, my book Biological Essentialism is #1 ‼  Devitt's tome is second #IM_2nd ...  Please get a copy for yourself, your fam/friends/NME's and other sentient beings (Vulcans any1?) today:


Naturalist* Michael Devitt studied under Willard Van Orman Quine (tracer of lost essences?) at Harvard.  Devitt's first book, Designation (1981) covers the “theory of reference” as popularized by the logician Saul Kripke.  To the best of my knowledge, Devitt's initial book is not on the same route as the action-packed #SciFi adventure Designation of Origin - The Earth (2015) directed by Dorian Sanz (Tantalus):

According to Willard Quine (d. 2000), "... there is nothing more basic to thought and language than our sense of similarity; our sorting of things into kinds." [1]


Are you down with the Kripke and Putnam Revolution?  Kripke (1980) and Putnam (1975) apply rigidity to natural kinds:

  #LetsGo_RigidDesignatorz ‼

There is a Putnam, Texas (originally known as Catclaw) which is named after General Israel Putnam of the American Revolution.  Interestingly, there exists a Krupki (Krupka, Крупки) in Belarus - the Yiddish version is "Kripke."  These towns were named at some points by humans.  How did "Cat" get its name?

Alexander Bird and Emma Tobin bring out the key importance of the work of philosophers Saul Kripke (b. 1940) and Hilary Putnam (d. 2016) as it relates to Essential Types of Life (ETL's): "One may ... argue that the arguments of Kripke, Putnam, and others do appeal to intuitions concerning the nature and/or identity of natural kinds [or rather ETL's], and so the inferences to essentialism from claims about necessity are legitimate in these cases." [2]


Writing in the Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Zdenka Brzović is willing to give Devitt the time of day:


In this paper I examine Michael Devitt’s version of essentialism, a view that stirred a lot of debate amongst philosophers of biology by going against the mainstream view of “death of essentialism” in evolutionary biology. So far, much more attention was directed to refuting Devitt’s view then to analyzing what his essentialism consists in. I go through the main tenets of the essentialist view, examine the relation between Devitt’s view and the so-called traditional essentialism ...


"Devitt’s Promiscuous Essentialism" by Zdenka Brzović, Croatian Journal of Philosophy: Volume > 18 > Issue: 2


I am very comfortable calling my view "traditional essentialism," that is, Aristotle's Biology.  Armand Leroi (The Lagoon) has a mondo vid on Aristotle's Biology from *Serious Science* >>

The Lagoon:


Devitt makes his essential thesis clear:


What is it to be a member of a particular taxon [e.g. horses, hydras & humans]? ...  The consensus answer in the philosophy of biology, particularly for taxa that are species, is that the essence is not in any way intrinsic to the members but rather is wholly relational, particularly, historical. ...  In "Resurrecting Biological Essentialism" (2008), I rejected the consensus.  I presented an argument that there is an intrinsic component to a taxon's essence and responded to the well-known objections to such a view: that it is at odds, first, with the relational nature of species according to current "species concepts" and, second, with the variation and change that are central to Darwinism.


"Historical biological essentialism" by Michael Devitt, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (Part C), Vol. 71, OCT 2018, p. 1.


We read this from the Introduction of Devitt's book on #BioEss ...


The idea that biological natural kinds, particularly a species like dogs, have intrinsic underlying natures is intuitively appealing. It has been shown to be widespread even among children (Keil 1989). It was endorsed by a great philosopher, Aristotle. Under the influence of the logical positivists, Popper (1950), Quine (1960), and others, it fell from philosophical favor in the twentieth century until revived by Saul Kripke (1980), Hilary Putnam (1975), and David Wiggins (1980). Many philosophers probably now take the view for granted. If so, they are right out of touch with biologists and, especially, philosophers of biology. For, the consensus among philosophers of biology, and a widespread view among biologists, is that this sort of “Aristotelian essentialism” is deeply wrong, reflecting “typological” thinking instead of the recommended “population” thinking  ... I shall defend intrinsic biological essentialism. I think that the children are right and the philosophers of biology, wrong.


Devitt discusses species in the context of horses and zebras (Biological Essentialism - Devitt, p. 16).  ETL's are generally tagged at the Family level of classification.  Of course, the human species is a key exception.  I place horses (including zebras, donkeys, 3-toed etc.) in one ETL.


Devitt goes into great detail in outlining various opposing methods to tag species and how to proceed with biological classification (species, genus, family ...).   Let's consider a simpler alternative.  Pulitzer Prize winning Gödel, Escher, Bach is a thoughtful work from Douglas Hofstadter which lays out the connections between these powerful creators:


The cover has a cubic block of wood carved so that the shadow makes a "G" or an "E" or a "B" depending on the direction of the light.  So, when asked about this cube we should take a Both/And approach, it's G&E, E&B and B&G.  This is my view on how we define ETL's which has three main components:

  1) similar body parts and functions

  2) you are what your father was

  3) you are what your mother was.

Thus, a mule, the cross between a female horse and a male donkey is part of the horse ETL.  Likewise, a hinny which derives from a female donkey and a male horse.  Donkey Hodie would also be part of the "horse" natural kind. ☺    


Richard Van Gelder (d. 1994), former Curator with the Department of Mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, said this regarding hybrids:


I have somewhat arbitrarily selected the production of a living offspring as the criterion for acceptability in an intergeneric cross.  It seems to me that if the chromosomes of two taxa are compatible enough to develop a fetus to term, then the parents would seem to be more closely related than generic separation would suggest. [3]


I am thrilled that Devitt referenced my History of Science Prof, David  B. Kitts (pp. 6, 95).  David Kitts (d. 2010) was the curator of the University of Oklahoma’s (OU) Stovall Museum (now the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History).  Kitts was a Professor in both the Geology and the History of Science departments.  Despite being a victim of polio, Kitts was an avid cyclist, riding in England, France and Oklahoma.  On October 7th, 1981, I interviewed him on the topic of evolution.  He regarded the proposal that basic categories of organisms have remained constant as a legitimate scientific question:


Aristotle, to a greater extent than almost anyone we know about, relied upon his observations.  He observed that individual members of a species do not persist but kinds [or rather ETL's] do persist.  That is a pretty obvious fact about the world.  If there is abundant empirical support for the view that species persist, why do evolutionists suppose they do not persist?  Evolutionists have a very elaborate abstract theory that compels us to suppose that species do not persist.  Our reason for thinking that species do not persist is not our observation that they do not persist, but it is a theory that requires them not to persist. ...  Whatever the observations that support evolutionary theory are, they are not the observations that one species [or rather ETL's] turns into another. [4]


Here is the interview on "UToob" >>


Here is a summary of my book Biological Essentialism, chapter by chapter:                                            

[1] What is Biological Essentialism? - Cats are cats, bats are bats and apes and people do not have a common ancestor.  Horses, hydras and humans are examples of Essential Types of Life (ETL's).         

[2] The Darwin Limited - Biological stasis keeps variation in check.  Plant breeders know that Darwinism is not all powerful.

[3] Species Do Not Exist - We should drop the term "species" in favor of ETL's.  The origin of "species" goes back to Genesis.

[4] Is Your Nature Human? -          Human Exceptionalism is real.  Mankind has a unique intrinsic nature.

[5] Some Men I Know are Really Women - Are Gender Fluid alternatives legitimate? Is Milo confused?

[6] Show Natural Kindness to Every Kind! - How do we determine the boundaries of ETL's?  What about slime molds?

[7] Dawkins vs. Dawkins - Is Richard Dawkins pro-Darwin or anti?  A survey of the famous 1986 debate (Dawkins vs. Wilder-Smith).           

[8] Seas of Wisdom Twelve - Focusing on 12 champions of bio-essentialism:  Aristotle, Mendel, Berlinski, Hutton, Cuvier, Cotter etc.

[9] Is it Illegal to Question Evolution? - Will the plague of net censorship soon attack origins discourse?  Highlighting government leaders and scholars who doubt Darwin.

[10] Darwin's Downers - Can Darwin tell us the Meaning of Life?  Are babies people too?  How do evolutionists view the future?

[11] Is Your Worldview Biased? - Does propaganda for evolution fairly represent the facts?  Aliens, volleyball, time travel and conversion therapy.

[12] Implications of Biological Essentialism - How do bio-essentialists deal with endangered species?  Biological Essentialism implies Catastrophism and a new geology.


When you get the book, your feedback, pro or con, is most welcome:


Biological Essentialism explains Essential Types of Life (ETL's), such as bears and penguins - these are distinct kinds of organisms that do not have a common ancestor and organic variation has limits.  Would you like to learn more about human exceptionalism, the fruit of evolution and the meaning of life?  If so, this book is for you!  Get your copy today:

#NaturalKinds #worldview #Aristotle


* Not in the Literature sense (Call of the Wild), but in the sense that evolution explains origins.



1) quoted in Biological Essentialism by Jay L. Hall (True Truth Productions, Big Spring, TX, 2021), p. 167. 

note: True Truth Productions is now in OKC.

2) Ibid., p. 43.

3) Ibid., p. 40.

4) Ibid., pp. 12,13.