Friday, November 18, 2016

Speaking of YES (Intro, 1) - podcast

Be sure to catch our latest video.  We tackle a potpourri of topics:  Thunder & C-14, Tree Rings & Ammonites,  Norman Macbeth (Darwin Retried), OMNI magazine & censorship ... #Rubio #NormanMacbeth #Darwin #AltMed #TreeRings

Were you aware that Charles Dawson was proven to be the man behind the Piltdown hoax?  How old is the earth and why does it matter? If only we could go back in time to answer this question. 

If we could see the past we could find out how old our planet is.  What lines of evidence support a youthful planet?  Most historical records, based on king lists, only go back to around 2500 BC.  Find out more in our latest podcast.  It is now available in iTunes. ☺
Here we have a clutch of Alberts.  What do Albert Einstein and the geologist Albert Engel have to do with a youthful planet?  

Even Ben Carson answers "YES" to the query "Is a Young Earth Possible" (IYEP)?

Be sure to get your copy of YES - Young Earth Science today!  Also, get one for a friend - they make great Christmas Gifts.
For total Truth support earth's Youth‼
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