Thursday, January 12, 2017

Is Evolution Wrong?

President-elect Donald Trump said he will be the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created” in a recent press conference (1-11-17).  Does the Donald Deny Darwin??  In a prior post we discussed how Pence views evolution.

If the earth is young, then Darwinism must be a distant memory.  How does radiometric dating work?  If certain fundamental constants of physics have varied, could this alter radiometric decay rates?  What about the sun?  Is this planet really 4.5 billion years old?  What is the significance of the human footprints discovered by Mary Leakey in Africa in 1976?  Does history, geology and biology support Young Earth Science (YES)?

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When dealing with origins research many related questions arise:
If Aliens arrived wound they deny Darwin?
Do the folks in Roswell, New Mexico hold to a young earth?
Has the universal gravitational constant ever varied?
How many of the Apollo astronauts accepted evolution?
Is there a conspiracy to keep YES out of the public square?
Does the Mayan calendar favor a youthful planet?
Can cryptozoology shed light on the old earth/new earth controversy?
Why are there worldwide traditions of a global watery catastrophe?

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**special thx to Paul Humber for pointing out the Trump quote


  1. Here is the three billion year old Earth according to the Bible. It will almost seem wrong, yet the more you study it, you will see it is correct.
    They knew that the new temple would need to be bigger, so as the ancient Cubit was about 18 inches, the modern Cubit was to be about 24 inches, being 60.96 Centemeters. (Psalm 60:6-7) 96 helped us remember to worship correctly when it was prayer time; focus on GOD when praying. Praise the LORD in His sanctuary. (Ephesians 6:5-7) (Psalm 96:1-13) To figure the year, we look at the Chronology from Adam to Moses. Adam to Abraham was 1948 years. Abraham to Jacob being in Egypt was 290 years. Moses to the Exodus was 80 years. Together these are 2,318 years. Here is where the Hebrew Calendar began. (Exodus 12:2) The year 2017 is the Hebrew year 5,777 to 5,778. Add these together for the year 8,096. Forever 96 rooms with 4 others representing the 4 parts of the Cross. It is the year to give up meat, as seal 7 is actually seal 8. (Revelation 3:16-21)

    Here is a measurement of how old the world is. Billions of years in scientific calculation. Each day is a thousand years, and they can calculate the days of years, as Enoch walked 365 days of years. (Genesis 5:23) A year for each day, and the Bible is perfected. Here is the key to the dinosaurs in the Bible. Then line this up to Moses. (2 Esdras 14:3-12) There is one more verse about the first children being taller than the last ones, and that verse goes with that. Here the dinosaur verse is. (2 Esdras 5:51-55) It is very true. Billions of years old the Earth is. GOD also calculated creation of modern humanity since Adam, yet the world was already here. Bible is perfect.

    They say that the world is about 3 billion years old. Here is the Biblical Math to make sure the scientists are correct. With GOD’s smile of course. 8096 times 365 days of years (Genesis 5:23), times a thousand years for each day (2 Peter 3:8), equals 2,955,040,000 years. Yep, about exactly three billion years according to the Jews. It was about that long ago when GOD dropped the Adam amoeba in the ocean by the hand of an Angel. Then GOD had the Angel tell us that we had to shape up about 7 days ago; seven days of a thousand years. We add one day because one is usually hidden veiled, as a 7 is an 8. The first amoeba was A sexual, like Eve coming out of Adam’s rib. Then they evolved, and Eve tempted Adam to begin eating other Amoebas which were their own children, the fruit of the loins of their own family trees. Quite the contemplation isn’t it. This is spoken of in the Bible.
    (Lamentations 2:20) (Leviticus 7:23, 17:12-14) (Deuteronomy 28:54-57) I thought that was really cool to learn. Biblical Sciences.
    Two Amoebas; at least one plant and one animal. That is still not all of it though, and not where we came from.
    This lines up to the scientific evidence that bacteria appeared 12 galactic years ago, each galactic year being 225,000,000 years.
    A galactic year is said to be between 225,000,000 and 250,000,000 years. The three estimations in galactic years are;
    12.9536 galactic years at 225 million years
    12.44227368421053 galactic years at 237.5 million years
    11.65824 galactic years at 250 million years
    According to our doctrine, this is how old the Earth is. Also according to our doctrine, when this is calculated, we have 2½ parcels of time left before the Earth shuts down. (2 Esdras 14:11-12)
    Being that this calculation was done during the Hebrew year of 5,777 we have to notice the calculation of how many years we have left to survive here. Having 9.5 ages down, and 2.5 ages left, the Earth has 777,642,105.2631579 years left if taken very well care of. This is about three galactic years total. According to modern science, in 2 to 3 galactic years from today, Tidal Acceleration will have moved the moon far enough from the Earth that Total Solar Eclipses are no longer possible. Also, this will have dramatic effects on the ocean. Here are these prophesies in the Bible. (Revelation 21:1) (2 Esdras 5:4)


    1. William:
      Much obliged for your thoughtful comments.
      Josephus the Jewish Historian would beg to differ.
      This also agrees with the date of the beginning from Meso-American cultures. Using the beginning of the Toltec era as a starting point, Robert Kovach (Early Earthquakes of the Americas) estimates the beginning of earth to around 3566 BC to 4190 BC

      Here are a wide range of arguments for a young planet:

      Have you read my book? It defends a young earth from history & science:

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      Jay Hall M.S. (Math, 53 hrs. Science)
      Asst. Math Prof. - Howard College