Thursday, January 5, 2023

Work Harder & Smarter via Self-Innovation (Casey @ the BAT)



Casey E. Williams is known as the "Innovation Draftsman."  He wants to help you have a great life and succeed in your long-term goals.  Catch the hot new strategies found in his book The Codes of Self Innovation.


Did you read the book version of Forrest Gump by Winston Groom which was originally published in 1986?  Just like Malcolm X or A Beautiful Mind, it is often the case that the book and the movie have significant differences.  In the book, Forrest is an astronaut, wrestler, Blues harmonica artist, chess champion and orangutan handler among other avocations:


In like manner, Casey has had a wide range of work experiences including racecars, racehorses, cabinet draftsman and  Production Assistant for The Runners (2020):


Casey Williams is ahead of the curve on a critical issue regarding origins:


Everyone likes to say Plato and many others were incredibly wise, yet they have abandoned their belief in Biological Essentialism.  Biological Essentialism states that biology exists within certain types and kinds, and moving categories is impossible.  We can see that dogs, wolves, and coyotes have a common  ancestry and are the same type, but to say that a dog can become a fish [or vice versa] is clearly ludicrous ... (p. 31).


Oxford University Press has a book coming out later this year on the same topic:


Mr. Williams gives the non-theists something to chew on.  We know from the wonders of Creation and our sense of right and wrong, as detailed in the first two chapters of Romans, that there must be a Great Designer and a Righteous Lawgiver.  I knew Casey and I had something in common, Casey likes 21 Pilots too.  Indeed, we should all repeat their refrain to the Lord: "Can you save my heavy dirty soul?"


Casey tells us to use our social network - we know people who know other people, some who may give us a job, become a mentor or help in other ways.  This idea relates to "Six Degrees of Separation" in that we are connected with some real earth-shakers in just a few steps.  For example, John F. Kennedy (Crisis) - George Wallace (Mike Wallace is Here) - Marilyn Monroe (The Misfits) -  Eli Wallach (Mystic River) - Kevin Bacon:


I was happy to see that he quoted that famous verse with the word ποίημα (workmanship) from the second chapter of Ephesians.  The last chapter is "HAGL with Casey." HAGL = Have A Great Life and I have no haggle with that.  "Casey at the BAT" was my suggestion ... BAT = Believe Absolute Truth (the Bible).  Mr. Williams defends Scripture throughout his book and references esteemed Christian authors such as CS Lewis, Doug Wilson, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Zig Ziglar as well as the Westminster Divines. 


I highly recommend the this superb motivational and autobiographical work.  

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