Friday, July 10, 2020

Darwin, Deep Time fallacies and Young Earth Theory Intelligence (#YETI)

Is Deep Time a thing?  Did this planet come about thousands of years ago or millions and billions of years ago?  Gerald "Jerry" Wasserburg (d. 2016) was the John D. MacArthur Professor of Geology and Geophysics at CalTech.  He received the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society and published work in the fields of Geophysics, Astronomy, Geology, Astrophysics and Chemistry.  One of his academic advisors was Harold Urey of the famous Origin-Of-Life (#OOL) experiment.  Dr. Wasserburg said, "There are no bad chronometers, only bad interpretations of them!" [1]

In some cases we don't just have bad chronometers, the radiometric methods don't give us an answer at all!  From the field guide for the geology near Townsville, Queensland, Australia we learn,

Concerning the basement volcanic rocks in the area, the guidebook says, "Their exact age remains uncertain."  About Frederick Peak, a rhyolite ring dyke in the area, it says, "Their age of emplacement is not certain."  And for Castle Hill, a prominent feature in the city of Townsville, the guidebook says, "The age of the granite is unconfirmed."

In the sixth edition of Origin of Species, Darwin himself acknowledged a relatively young earth (#YETI anyone?):

Sir W. Thompson [Lord Kelvin] concludes that the consolidation of the crust can hardly have occurred less than 20 or more than 400 million years ago, but probably not less than 98 or more than 200 million years.  These very wide limits show how doubtful the data are ... It is, however, probable, as Sir William Thompson insists, that the world at a very early period was subjected to more rapid and violent changes in its physical conditions than those now occurring; and such changes would have tended to induce changes at a corresponding rate in the organisms which then existed.

Isn't that convenient, if our world is truly young, just speed up evolution!  I have a novel idea, since the scientific and historical evidence overwhelmingly favor a young planet, how about dropping Darwinism completely?  I present the documentation for a young planet in my latest book Is a Young WorldPossible?  The tide is turning, Young Earth Science Intelligence (YETI) is gaining ground. 

The site for the famous Evolution series that was broadcast on PBS about twenty years ago says this: "Humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees.  Scientists believe this common ancestor existed 5 to 8 million years ago."  Now if our planet is just 20M by Kelvin's reasoned guess, the time since the ape-man progenitor emerged takes up about one third of earth history!  Even 98M is nowhere near the time that Darwin's speculations require.

John Joly, Chair of Geology and Mineralogy at Trinity College – Dublin, pioneered radiation therapy as well as radiometric dating.  Due to inconsistent results he eventually came to reject finding the age of rocks via radiodating.[2]  He gave a date for the age of our planet of about 90M years based on the amount of salt in the ocean.[3]  Joly even argued that radioactive decay had proceeded faster in the past than at present.[4]

Please consider giving a copy of Is a Young Earth Possible? to your friends and family and coworkers (birthdays, Christmas etc.).  The age-of-the-earth controversy relates to a number of key issues in the public square such as climate change, homeschooling, government funding of science, bullying, depression, fake news, net censorship and free speech.  View our newly updated website here.   

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